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Our Taestemaker members are adults, in their mid-twenties and older, whose very particular interests stretch across a broad spectrum far more diverse than the younger urban consumers that the majority of E-Marketers target.

We conveniently provide our members with a one-stop source for progressive urban cultural entertainment and leisure activities, which includes music, parties, live music, comedy, stage plays, musicals, art exhibits, and many other cultural events, products, and services that interest our community.

Advertising Solutions:


We offer cost-effective and account specific solutions for presenting products, services, and events directly to the 25 to 45 year old urban market segment.  In addition to all of the free promotional tools that we offer businesses and event organizers, such as Hot Spot profile pages and inclusion in our events database, below are some additional services and options that enhance promotion effectiveness:

  • - Placement of event, product, or service on our home page rotating marquee
  • - Event or promotion listed in our Featured events sections on our home page and/ or on local event and Hot Spot pages
  • - Event, product, or service listed and distributed to subscribers of our newsletter 
  • - Exclusive newsletter distribution of your particular event or promotion
  • - Inclusion in our other digital platforms, including Facebook and Twitter
  • - Ticket giveaways
  • - Guest lists
  • - Event Photos featured throughout the community
  •  - Music featured in the "Taeste or Waste" section, and "New Album Release" section
Featured Ads Listing:


Featured Ads appear on both the homepage - in the "Featured Events" section, just below the fold- and on an image rotator within the events local city section.

Although all registered members can add events to our events calendar for FREE, only Featured Listings are guaranteed placement on the homepage and on image rotators in local city sections. Featured ads gain prime exposure, as we can place your ads on specific pages that are highly trafficked by your target market.

Contact us so that we can help you present your product, service, or event to an attractive market. We offer solutions for all budgets.

Banners Ad Placement:

Banners are a cost-effective method of getting your message to a broad base of urban consumers.  A cleverly designed banner may allow your message to speak louder to our members than plain text announcements. They come in various sizes and contain animated graphics and text that capture viewer's attention. Banners may be linked to your website, your dedicated web page on our site, or an email address.

E-Blast Campaign:

We send our subscribers a full-feature events newsletter once a week.  You can have an Exclusive E-Blast campaign customized to your specific needs, which allows your event to be sent directly to our members. We offer the following packages:

Basic E-Blast:

The Basic E-Blast package includes the following:

  • - One exclusive Blast of your promotion to our members
  • - Guarantees inclusion in our weekly newsletter
  • - Inclusion in our Events database

Premium E-Blast

The Premium E-Blast package offers enhanced services that helps your promotion reach an even larger market. The package includes:

  • - Two Blasts: an initial Blast and a reminder the day (or end) of your promotion
  • - Featured placement in the Introduction or Hot Spots section of our weekly newsletter
  • - Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace announcement
  • - Featured photos of your past events in our photo gallery
  • - Guaranteed placement of your event flyer in the City event scroller
  • - Featured placement in our Hot Spots section if your event is recurring

Weekly Newsletter Banner:

A great way to stand out in our weekly e-mail newsletter is with a banner.  Although all events listed in our newsletter include links back to our site for further details, a banner ad would distinguish your event from the others and increase the chance of subscribers clicking the link to view your event.

Cross-Promotion/ Partnership Solutions:

We also offer additional solutions that are beneficial to business owners and promoters that would be interested in establishing a partnership affiliation with us.  If you have multiple or recurring promotions that occur weekly, monthly, or seasonally, please contact us if you would like to discuss solutions to promote your brand or event beyond a single advertisement.

E-mail us at:

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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