Are You a Taestemaker?

Do you take pride in your craft and create exceptional art, but get little support and recognition from mainstream urban consumers and media?

Taeste provides a platform for progressive urban artists to showcase their artistry to an audience that appreciates substance over style.

Artists of all mediums, including deejays, musicians & bands, vocalists, artists, photographers, poets, dancers, and all other urban expressionists can setup a Taestemaker profile page within the community for FREE.

A Taestemaker profile enables you to showcase your talent and communicate directly with an audience that appreciates what you do. Futhermore, your profile page serves as an opportunity for you to gain additional exposure before a global audience, as well as build a loyal following by keeping the community up-to-date with your currnet products, services, and events.

Our members, as well as event organizers and businesses, browse the Taestemaker listings in search of artists to hire for various events and services, such as parties, music festivals, jam session, comedy shows, art exhibits, poetry slams, photo shoots, graphic design, and corporate events.

What Does a Taestemaker Profile Include?

Sample Artist Profile

Along with a brief personal description as shown in the example above, a Taestemaker profile may also include:

*Photos and videos of past and current products, services, and events
*Special offers and promotions, such as discounts, free admission, etc
*Unlimited profile updates

*Responses to all reviews

Artists have discretion to update and personalize their personalize their profile as they choose.  The most popular profile pages are those that are updated with new pictures and videos, current events, and have recent reviews submitted by fellow Taestemakers.

A profile page also serves as a third-party reference for potential customers, clients, partners, and sponsors to read reviews posted by fans, as well as past and current business affiliates.  Instead of directing potential business to references on your personal website, you can direct them to your Taestemaker page that contains reviews and recommendations of your work and services documented by an independent source.

What if My Taestemaker Profile Page Already Exists?

Taeste management and Taestemakers oftentimes recognize exceptional artists and add them to our directory for others to see.  If your profile page has already been listed in our directory, simply "Claim" ownership of the profile and update it as often as you choose.

Encourage Your Fans, Clients, and Business Associates to Write a Review

Taestemakers trust the opinions of the community, since we tend to have the same interests.  They are most likely to purchase product and services, or attend events by artists that have favorable reviews and ratings.  Furthermore, placement in the directory is based on a weighted score of review rankings, total reviews, and profile page hits. As such, It is to your advantage to encourage your fans and business asociates to rate and review your profile page to increase the chance that site browsers elect to do business with you.

We reserve the right to deny or remove any listings that we deem are inappropriate, or are not of interest to the Taeste community. Remeber, this is for non-commercial artists.  You must have skills and appreciate urban culture.

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