Tuesday, 06 March 2012 19:31

Ice Cube Talks Friday Sequel, Says Chris Tucker May Return

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It was back in December that Ice Cube confirmed that he was on board to film the fourth installment of the acclaimed Friday series. Now, in an interview with Global Grind, Cube gives an update on the fourth and reportedly final film in the stoner comedy series and drops some news about one of the film's possible co-stars.

According to Cube, he is deep in the writing process of the film, which will be titled Last Friday. In addition, Cube been in talks with actor/comedian Chris Tucker to reprise the role of Smokey from the first film. Although Tucker's return to the series has yet to be confirmed, Cube says that his former co-star seems to be on board.

"I'm still writing [the screenplay]. I'm still in the process, I'm deep into it...[the title is] Last Friday," he noted. "I want [Chris Tucker] to be in it. He's given us every indication that he's gonna be in it. Until he shows up on set, you never know. That's really how it goes."

Cube is also reportedly developing a vigilante drama series titled "Eye For an Eye" for FX. He will also appear in the Jonah Hill/Channing Tatum comedy 21 Jump Street in theaters this weekend.

Source: HipHopDX

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