How Do I Promote My Profile Listing

I Just Setup My Listing Profile, Now What???

Submitting your profile page is just the first step needed to increase your exposure to a global audience.  Our Taestemakers tend to favor listings that have been "Taeste Tested" and approved by their peers.

Furthermore, listings are ordered based on applying an algorithm that weights each listing's number of reviews, review score, page hits, and activity (profile updates and recent reviews).  As such, to ensure that your listing remains top rated, listed below are a few basic tasks that you should implement upon establishing a profile page:
  • 1. Like your Profile: Like your profile so that it will appear in your Facebook newsfeed.  Your friends will then see that you have setup a new profile and will be enticed to visit and leave a glowing review.

  • 2. E-mail Your Contacts:  Send an e-mail to your contacts, let them know that you have posted a profile on Taeste, and ask them to leave a review.

  • 3. Encourage your Friends and Contacts to Write a Review: Members are attracted to pages that have garnered feedback. Also, the profiles with the most reviews and page hits are typically at the top of our database.

  • 4. Post your Vanity URL:  You will have a personal taeste.com url that leads to your profile page (http://taeste.com/yourprofilepage).  By simply placing your link on Facebook, Twitter, your personal website, your e-mail signature, and other social networking mediums, new viewers will be drawn to your profile.
  • 5. Place a Taeste Review logo on your website: Place one of our Taeste Test logos on your other sites with a link to your profile.  Anyone who clicks the icon will be directed to your profile to leave a review. Simply right-click and the save the logo to your right; link the logo to your vanity URL and visitors who click the logo will be lead to your Taeste profile page.

  • 6. Update your Photo Gallery: Members are more likely to continually visit your profile if you update your photo gallery with photos from recent events. Keep visitors interested by changing the pictures in your gallery.

  • 7. Offer Rewards: Offer visitors to your page special promotions and discounts.  Profiles with rewards appear near the top of lists.

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